At our core, we are plant loving, dirt worshipping, tree hugging artists and general contractors who love creating gorgeous and functional outdoor living spaces for other humans to enjoy.
  Scott Gruber is the principal weirdo and owner of Calendula Farm. He holds a BFA in sculpture, and applies that training to everything he does. He serves on the Board of Supervisors of the Pierce Conservation District and the Board of the Proctor Farmer's Market.
  Alina Mikolajczyk is the sensible one here. She keeps us on the straight & narrow and can simultaneously move two tons of rock, expand the hearts of everyone she knows, and raise two teenagers.
  We do many things and all of them involve creating beautiful and healthful enhancements to life in the South Puget Sound. We grow plants for use in landscape projects and for sale to home gardeners, we create beautiful and functional environments for artful outdoor living, and we create herbal products for a healthy body.
We think life is a grand adventure. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new. We like to engage all of our senses, as much and as often as possible. We invite you to join in the fun!
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